Job Interview - Getting the Job

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Working in Tourism: Advantages and Disadvantages

"Why Work in the Travel Industry?" by Katie Collaro - 2 MIN READ

The Pros and Cons of Tourism by Skylands Tourism Site

3. Anxiety in Tourism: What makes people think it twice before traveling. 
Tourism Perspectives (LINKS FIXED).pdf Tourism Perspectives (LINKS FIXED).pdf
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2. How to make a Good Presentation
A Good PresentationINA 2020.pptx A Good PresentationINA 2020.pptx
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1. Complaints About Tourism in CR and the World
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Direct Speech and Indirect Speech

Read this New York Times  article and find one case of each type of speech.

There are times when we need to describe an event or action that happened, and very often that includes repeating what someone said. Be it a social situation or a work email or presentation, in order to describe what people said there are two different types of speech – Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (or Reported Speech).

Read here and find out more about these forms and improve your English storytelling skills. An article by  published on 09/03/2020.

Do it Yourself! 

Try creating Indirect Speech statements out of direct statements. Click Here

Reported Speech: 

Questions and Requests

Offline Practice
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There is a grammatical structure used for expressing a wish about something in the past we would want to be different. Sometimes you'll see it as "I wish I were" and some other times as "I wish I was".

Want to know why? This file explains it. Read all about it!   >>

** Read both articles before starting the exercises. 

Wish Explanation by Perfect Englsih.pdf Wish Explanation by Perfect Englsih.pdf
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If Clauses

Conditional Types I, II and III explanation, examples and exercises.

If Clause Type III Exercise
Download this file, resolve it and WA it to your Professor as soon as you have it done.
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Used To

3 Different Uses

Used to do - Examples.pdf Used to do - Examples.pdf
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Passive Voice

Class Document Friday, Nov 6th 
Passive Voice with Notes.docx Passive Voice with Notes.docx
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Class Document Monday, Nov 9th 
Passive Voice Practice Mon Nov 9.docx Passive Voice Practice Mon Nov 9.docx
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Explanation of Passive Voice, Passive Voice with 2 objects and Impersonal Passive. This file includes links for every section, mixed and in context.
Passive Voice -Theory and Links.docx Passive Voice -Theory and Links.docx
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Documents for Thursday, Nov 11th 
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To Do Recipe Passive Practice.docx To Do Recipe Passive Practice.docx
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Table of Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives 
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Irregular Verb Lists (and some regular)

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Past Perfect

for events that happened before a past event

Past Perfect Theory.docx Past Perfect Theory.docx
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Your Classmates' Stories

Group 1 - Elberth, Abi, Hellen, Leo
G1 - Claytons.pdf G1 - Claytons.pdf
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Group 2 - Katherine, Ana, Anielka
G2 - A Good Decision.pdf G2 - A Good Decision.pdf
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Group 3 - Christopher, Mariano, Jeaustin, Mario
G3 Pepe and the three bandits.pdf G3 Pepe and the three bandits.pdf
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Group 4 - Kimberly, Fer, Tatiana, Emmanuel
A Little Story About Goblins.pdf A Little Story About Goblins.pdf
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Group 5 - Elieth, Hillary
G5 - Lottery winner.pdf G5 - Lottery winner.pdf
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Group 6 - Britanny
G6 - Mary gets an experience for life.pdf G6 - Mary gets an experience for life.pdf
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The Past Perfect Progressive Tense

for events that were happening before a past event

Past Perfect is 
I had worked for that company 2 years before. 

Past Perfect Progressive is 
I had been working for that company 2 years before.

All you have to do is add "been" to the structure and use the verb in gerund.   

The Auxiliary had is in charge of the negation, questions and answers. 

I hadn't been working for 2 years.

Had you been working all that time?

Yes, I had. | No, I hadn't.

The Simple Past Tense

for events that occurred and are already finished in the past. 

The Past Simple Theory.docx The Past Simple Theory.docx
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ED Forms pronu.jpg ED Forms pronu.jpg
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Exercise 1 (All Verbs)

Exercise 2 ( Verb Be )

The Past Progressive Tense for actions in progress in the past. 
Past Progressive.docx Past Progressive.docx
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The Present Perfect Tense for actions that started in the past and still are happening now. 

Click here for the theory and examples.


The Present Progressive Tense For events that are happening now. 
The Present Progressive Theory.docx The Present Progressive Theory.docx
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Jimmy's Agenda (Present Progre).xlsx Jimmy's Agenda (Present Progre).xlsx
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The Simple Present Tense For permanent events which never change.
The Simple Present Basics Theory.doc The Simple Present Basics Theory.doc
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Learn a bit more about the American culture and some of their most distinguishing habits. 

Read about it!

First Impressions.pdf First Impressions.pdf
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