Costa Rican Traditions (sample text)
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PRACTICE  Eiffel Tower (passive voice).docx PRACTICE Eiffel Tower (passive voice).docx
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PRACTICE How towns have arisen.docx PRACTICE How towns have arisen.docx
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Passive Voice Examples-exercise.docx Passive Voice Examples-exercise.docx
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PRACTICE RECIPE Passive Voice.docx PRACTICE RECIPE Passive Voice.docx
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Sample ambivalence (passive or adjective).docx Sample ambivalence (passive or adjective).docx
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Costa Rican Legends...
Cadejo.docx Cadejo.docx
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La Llorona.docx La Llorona.docx
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Refresh 26 july Correct.docx Refresh 26 july Correct.docx
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What would you have done if....docx What would you have done if....docx
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Chile Mining Accident (2010).pptx Chile Mining Accident (2010).pptx
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Nicaraguan Revolution.pptx Nicaraguan Revolution.pptx
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Back to the future I Questionaire.docx Back to the future I Questionaire.docx
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Tenses studied in class
Tenses.docx Tenses.docx
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Reading Activity
Snakes in Costa Rica.pdf Snakes in Costa Rica.pdf
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Tenses CLEAN.docx Tenses CLEAN.docx
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Tenses CLEAN full.docx Tenses CLEAN full.docx
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1. What are they used for?       2. How do you use them?
Practice on _ing forms different uses. 
Uses of ING
Uses og ING.docx Uses og ING.docx
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So, Too, Either, Neither
so_too_neither_either.pdf so_too_neither_either.pdf
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Tenses Studied up to April 21st, 2017
Tenses.pdf Tenses.pdf
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Big Menu
Foodmissing-entree_Web.jpg Foodmissing-entree_Web.jpg
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So, Too, Either, Neither
Past Perfect Progressive
also Past Perfect Continuous
Phrasal Verbs
also "Two-word verbs"
phrasal verbs post.png phrasal verbs post.png
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Past Perfect Progressive (also Contiuous)
Past Perfect Continuous Theory.docx Past Perfect Continuous Theory.docx
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Past Continuous (Refresh)
Past Perfect (Refresh)
Past Perfect Continuous
Bonus Material:
Document made in class to illustrate the form of Past Perfect Progressive
Past Perf Prog.docx Past Perf Prog.docx
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The City
Map_Big_City.jpg Map_Big_City.jpg
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Phrasal Verbs List (209)
Phrasal Verbs.xlsx Phrasal Verbs.xlsx
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Present Perfect 
Exercise 4 (all forms mixed 1)
Exercise 5 (all forms mixed 2)
Exercise 6 (reading comprehension)
Parts of the Body
Practice on Various Topics
Click on the words to practice the topic you want.

Every link takes you to a website with different exercises. All of them have an option to check the answer. 

Make sure to do all the exercises in each website!
Possessive Case
Ex.1,        Ex.2,       Ex.3.

Parts of the House

The Seasons in the US and CR

Seasons.pptx Seasons.pptx
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Grammar Books

Book 1: Chapter 4: NOUNS (pages 21 to 43)

Book 2: Chapter 1: NOUNS (pages 11 to 23)

Basic_English_Grammar_Book_1.pdf Basic_English_Grammar_Book_1.pdf
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Basic_English_Grammar_Book_2.pdf Basic_English_Grammar_Book_2.pdf
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Possessive Case 

Possessive Case.docx Possessive Case.docx
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The Family Tree

Arbol genealógico - Family Tree.pptx Arbol genealógico - Family Tree.pptx
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Simple Present Text for class exercise. March 30th.  (Hank's Horse)

simple-present-story-1.pdf simple-present-story-1.pdf
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Simple Present Text for class exercise. Feb 24th. 

Tom works at a bank+Questions.docx Tom works at a bank+Questions.docx
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Eternal Flame (Song practice in class)

Eternal Flame.docx Eternal Flame.docx
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