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Spanish Version
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You don't want to pretend being another person...
Read what happens when you don't accept yourself...
January 10th
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To escape or not to escape a painful life...?
That is the question...
January 17th
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If you feel like you wanna break free, 
this one's for you...
January 22nd
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Would you like to be the winner...?
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What if you sneak into someone's diary...?
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1. Look up the green-bold words and put them in a list. 
2. Once you've understood them, read the text and answer:

2.1. What is this text about? Write a sentence, that tells the main idea.
2.2. Who wrote it?
2.3. Who is he?

To Read at Home

Read this text and answer the questions at the end.
Reading 2.pdf Reading 2.pdf
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Click on the picture, read the text and answer these questions:

1. According to the text, what is more important than a résumé?
2. Who is David Solomon?
3. What does COO and CEO stand for in the business context?
3. What are David Salomon's two suggestions to people to make a great career and for life?

Chapter 1
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